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Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

SQL Server 2005

Easy to Use

Free to download, free to redistribute, free to embed, and easy for new developers to use immediately, SQL Server Express includes powerful features such as SQL Server Management Studio Express, for easily managing a database.

Fast to download

Simplified administration

  • Automatically tune your database for optimal performance.

  • Use Microsoft Update to automatically receive the latest patches and updates, enabling a high level of security and the latest features.

Free management tool: SQL Server Management Studio

  • You can download the SQL Server Management Studio Express (separate download below), an easy and efficient management tool for SQL Server Express.

  • With SQL Server Management Studio you enjoy a consistent management experience across all SQL Server 2005 Editions.

Download SQL Server Management Studio Express

Seamless integration with Visual Studio Express Editions

  • Seamlessly integrated data experience for building Windows applications and Web sites.

Easy to deploy

  • Easily move or copy your SQL Server Express databases to another computer or hosted server using XCopy and ClickOnce deployment.

Easy to Learn

Get started fast

Get help fast

Learning Express means you’re learning SQL Server

  • Learn skills that are entirely transferable to all other editions of SQL Server 2005.


Full compatibility

  • Transfer any database created in SQL Express to other editions of SQL Server 2005.

  • Take comfort in knowing that the full power of SQL Server is available as your needs grow.

  • Create databases up to 4 GB in size.

Tight integration with Visual Studio

  • Create and deploy database code such as stored procedures, functions, user-defined types, and user-defined aggregates from directly within the Visual Studio development environment.

  • Use debugging that is seamless across the application and database.

Industry-leading data security

  • Maintain high levels of security by encrypting data directly in the database.

  • Use advanced auditing, authentication, and authorization capabilities.

Innovative features typically found in higher-end products

  • In addition to traditional T-SQL, use the Common Language Runtime (CLR) to write stored procedures and other database code in languages such as C#, Visual Basic, or managed C++.

  • Utilize native XML capabilities to help seamlessly connect internal and external systems.

  • Get data in and out of other systems quickly with Integration Services.

  • Maintain copies of data at multiple sites with SQL Server Express’ support for merging subscriptions, snapshot, and transactional publications.

  • Use full text search for powerful query capability over textual data.

Reporting Services

  • Simplify report creation, management, and delivery with the complete, server-based platform.

  • Embed sophisticated tables, charts, and graphics into applications.

  • Use with both traditional and interactive reports.

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