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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Features of Linux Operating System

As an open source Operating System, Linux has many Features. They are :

a. Multi Programming : Linux allows many Programs to be executed simultaneously by different users. This Features is called Multi Programming.

b. Time-Sharing : Multi Programming is made possible on the Linux System by the concept of time-sharing.

c. Multitasking : A Program in Linux is broken down into task, each task being, reading from or writing to the disk, or waiting for input from a user. The ability of any Operating System to handle the execution of multiple task is known as Multitasking.

d. Virtual Memory : The amount of the physical memory may not always be sufficient for executing a large Application or for having multiple application active at a point in time. In such situation, Linux makes a partition, which is a portion of the hard disk, available for use as the virtual memory.

e. Shared Libraries : These are sets of functions or sub-routines maintained as a set of files.

f. POSIX-Compliance : Linux is POSIX-Compliant and support most of the standard sets for all Unix system.

g. Samba : The Name, Samba, is derived from the Server Message block protocol or SMB. It's used to share files or print.It also enables the sharing of printers connected to either Linux or the Windows Operating System.

For more linux features informations, visit here

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