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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Evolution for Linux

Around 1991, Linus Trovalds, a student at the University of Helsinsk, Finland, was working on Minix. He was impressed with the features of Unix Operating System. He wanted to create his own version of the Unix OPerating System and give it free or charge for use to everyone. Trovalds worked on the project, wrote the source code of the kernel, and named it Linux.The kernel was the core program of Linux Operating System. Trovalds made the Linux Kernel available on the Internet.

The Linux kernel was combined with the GNU system resulting in a complete operating system. This Operating System was called GNU/Linux because it was a combination of the GNU System and Linux as the kernel. The GNU/Linux Operating System is reffered to as the Linux Operating System.

"The Core of the Linux System is the kernel. The kernel controls the resources of the Computer and forms an interface between the user and the hardware."

Linux follows the open development model. Trovalds has made the source code of the Linux kernel available for study and change on the Internet. This mean that the current development version of Linux is always open to everybody. He also accepts modifications to the kernel code. The result is that whenever a new version of Linux with new functionality is released, people work on the version to fix the bugs, if any. To maintain stability, he exercise strict quality control and merges all the new code into the kernel.

to help people gauge wether or nit they are using a stable version of Linux the following scheme is being used. in version 1.x.y, nwhere x is an even number, itsignifies a stable version of Linux. Conversely, when x is an odd number, it signifies a beta (trial) release of Linux.

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