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Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Grub Problems

GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is a boot loader package developed to support multiple operating systems and allow the user to select among them during boot-up.
GRUB was created by Erich Stefan Boleyn and has been further developed under the GNU project as GNU GRUB. The original package, sometimes known as GRUB Legacy, is still available for download but no longer being developed.

Grub is one message in linux that often appears commonly, a sentence stating grub physical hardware failures as well, like a kernel panic which also failed to access because there are error.Grub hardware loading stage 2 read error so it usually this sentence appears in the layer we monitor , usually occurs in the destruction of the device hard drive / RAM, this is caused by several factors, among others, as follows:
1. Voltage is stabil
2. Frequent power outages directly off the computer
3. Computer often hangs / sudden death
4. The procedure does not turn off the computer betulMemang in this case that is often affected is the ram or computer memory, therefore, do not panic when experiencing grub first follow the steps below to first aid, namely:
- Turn off the computer first
- Open the cover of the CPU casing left
- Remove and clean ram ram slots - replace the ram or next to next slot
- Try to restart the possibility of successfully sebanarnya very big but still appears grub again when the next step is to replace your computer ram, hopefully successfully. Differences with this grub kernel panic for the above step does not work if you should reinstall the Linux root in

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